Monday 18 August 2014

Settling In and Party Time

Hi all,
Not had much to blog about until now as we have been settling into our new life at Tattenhall marina.

First week back we stayed at home in the bungalow to catch up on some much needed jobs.  The bathroom tap had started to let by and on a meter every drop costs money so had to be sorted asap.  The weeds have started to take over big style and in just three weeks we have a carpet of them through the gravel.  Of course there was the washing to be done though luckily Chris manage to get most done on AmyJo so it did not take much time.

We only lasted just one week at the house, until the pull of AmyJo got too much. The plain fact is, we simply hated being ashore, we did not feel settled, and all the old stresses of life began to return!   People told us once you live aboard you'll never want to go land side again.  I think we're beginning to see why.  Monday last we returned to AmyJo and have been aboard ever since so now life is good once more.  I am now commuting to work and coming home to AmyJo each day.  The extra distance means another 20mins on my journey time but I don't mind as most is through country lanes and most alongside the cut.  I actually love driving to and from work now as a result but thoughts of perhaps retiring sooner rather than later are beginning to stir since our big trip. Once home on AmyJo its like being in another world, far from our old life.  A world we are growing to like very much.

I did, by the way, manage to fit the new fender  that we bought from Ron. I think it still needs some adjustment but its doing the job of keeping the bow off the pontoon really well.

Chris still is off work until next month and her journey to work is now much shorter so she is happy and still loves being aboard even more so now.  She has pottered about re-oiling the galley's Beech worktops, and she has even found time to make some nice scatter cushions from remnants of the cheetee and day room sofa material that was left over fro the build.

We are beginning to get to know people around us in the marina and this was helped greatly on Saturday night when the annual hog roast was staged with 250 tickets sold out.  We managed to get our tickets and at £10 each we had a whale of a time.  Based in a huge marquee we found for our tenner, we each got great food, free booze all evening, and free entertainment (value for money or what!) 

The entertainment was provided first by a 16 piece Samba band called "Karamba" who played drums so loud they were actually offering earplugs for those that wanted them, the beat that loud it thumped in your chest.  The conductor was a real character himself and was as entertaining as the band with his unique way of conducting.

The Kamaba band in full swing

Their conductor had a very odd way to conduct

Following these was one of the best young bands we have heard in a long time, "Mojo Circus" they are called and played songs from the 60's right up to modern tracks.  They catered for all age groups.  Their vocals were fantastic and in a short time had every one up dancing.

Mojo Circus had everyone on their feet dancing the night away
We had a fantastic evening have made some new friends along the way. 

Best of all the club house next morning were doing full English hangover breakfasts too, now that I might just get used to but please don't let Chris know or I'll be on lettuce leaves for the rest of the week .

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