Wednesday 18 June 2014

More Time lapse Trials

Hi all,
I recently mentioned I was going to purchase a GoPro camera for our time lapse videos as I was not happy with the quality of the images of our original one.  I managed to get one and had a chance to try it out.

It does have a handy iphone app that together with the wireless functionality on the camera enables one to connect to control the GoPro from the phone as well as see what its recording (the camera itself does not have a view finder).

On our trip to Whilton marina I set the GoPro up on AmyJo's cratch window and ran it whilst cruising.  I must say the video quality is far superior however, the battery life on the GoPro is poor to say the least, only lasting just under two hours. 

That said I did manage to run the camera between the Marina and Watford Locks.  The time lapse interval was set at 1 second intervals and looks much smoother than the old camera's best of 3 seconds.  Here is the un-edited version.


Nev Wells said...

That a really good footage.... Next time I am out I might well try the go pro on the boat. Did you use any special software to compile the images or is it set to video just one frame a second?

Nev NB Percy

Adam said...

What a pity it stops before you really get going down the staircase!

nb AmyJo said...

I used GoPro Studio Pro, its a free download from their website

Sure is, I was a bit disappointed about that too, however, I since found out and got an extender battery that clips onto the camera. Should give a better duration next time hopefully.

nb AmyJo said...

Forgot to add the GoPro was set to time lapse mode with 1 second intervals. The hole video consisted of 5,623 photos in all.

George & Sue (nb Caxton) said...

Hi Both, the footage looks great and as a result, I'm thinking of getting one for Caxton. Which GoPro model did you get? I assume that there is no option to power the camera from its charger and that you have to charge the battery first.
Keep on filming!
George & Sue
Nb Caxton

nb AmyJo said...

Hi George and Sue.

Its a Gopro Hero 3 Silver. If you are thinking of doing timelapse like us I would recommend getting the additional back pack battery if budget allows to extend the time the camera can run.