Saturday 14 June 2014

Crick to Whilton Marina

Hi all,
Its our turn to be on Amyjo this weekend so we decided to go to new waters before we turn for home in a few weeks time.

We arrived last night about 8.30am and enjoyed the warm if humid evening.  There was not a breath of wind and the marina surprisingly quiet

We watered and got underway at 9am which is not bad for us.  Turning left out of the marina we cruised through the familiar wet Crick tunnel out into a dull cloudy sky.  A few splatters of rain appeared but not enough to get us wet.

Another surprise was there was only one boat ahead of us to go down the Watford locks so we only waited a short while.  The couple ahead of us were clearly new boaters as neither had a clue what to do.  With the help of the lockie and Chris they soon got the hang of it and were on their way.

Norton junction towards Buckby
As we approached Norton junctíon another boat came through from Braunston.  "Hooray" we said, lock buddies for the Buckby locks.

We teamed up with the crew of nb Meander and with their 3 ladies and Chris we made good time going down. Whilst we two men worked the boats the ladies had a good old chin wag and worked well together as the gates were hard going.
nb Meander leads the way to the next lock

Chris and sue from nb Meander set off for the next lock

Sadly not enough time for an ice cream in this lovely lock shop

Waiting our turn at Buckby lock 10

A nice entrance to the lock looking astern

The lock wheelers hard at it while nb Mander and AmyJo wait on

Eventually we got through the last lock and stopped on line opposite Whilton Marina by 2.30pm and moored up on a really nice spot with good internet signal

Buckby bottom lock and our mooring for the night

Nice spot opposite Whilton marina
We rarely get to see a good side view of AmyJo so here is one.

Tomorrow we'll wind in the marina entrance and then retrace our wake.  In the meantime though we are enjoying some down time sitting in the cratch. Whilst I type Chris is busy with the latest chapter of her book.  Such a hard life this is.

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