Monday 20 January 2014

Essex for a special Birthday

Hi all,
We were not out on AmyJo this weekend as we had a date in Essex with Chris's mum Mary, as Sunday was her 85th birthday.  We set off Friday night and stayed at Chris's brother Alan's house.

On Saturday we visited my parents and took them out to lunch but forgot my camera so did not get any photos but on Sunday I did remember it,  We took Mary out for a meal and she enjoyed the attention.

Chris's mum Mary (in middle) opens a special calendar made just for her with
help from Jenny, her sister-in-law
Chris had managed to get a customisable calender that one could insert a 4X6 inch photo in each month.  She had added photo's of family members on the month of their birthdays where she could.  Chris had also marked on the calender everyone's birthdays.  With Mary's memory not being what it should this will really help her.

After a lovely meal we took Mary back to the home and spent some more time with her there

Mary with Chris's brother Alan and his wife Katherine

And with Chris, Joanne and yours truly
The weekend went so quick and it was soon time to head home.  Fernwoods called on Thursday to say they had fitted our blinds in AmyJo's galley so on the return trip home we stopped off at AmyJo to take a look.  

Later at Watford Gap services it felt strange as only the weekend before we had past the services on the cut in AmyJo yet there we were barely 100 yards away from the cut but on our way home via car.

For those who asked at home here is a video of us in Crick tunnel to give you a feel for what its like

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