Friday 24 January 2014

AmyJo now in Hard Back

I read a while ago about Doug and James  of nb Chance posting about their blog in print again (click).  We thought it was a brilliant idea so we decided to have ago with our blog.

Most of last year's posts were mostly concerned with AmyJo's build and so we thought it would be a nice memento for us to see it all in print.   Doug and James used an on line company called Blog2print (click) and were very happy with the results so we thought we would give them a try.

Our book arrived a few days ago and we too are really pleased with the result

So now we have a lovely hard backed printed record of AmyJo's build from when her base plates were laid on 12th November 2012 to her launch on 30th November 2013.  

On a differant matter

Many of you will know boaters Jo and Keith Lodge of working boat Hadar (click) and will have read Keith is quite poorly in hospital and has been for a few weeks.  Jo has been a pillar of strength for Keith and has been coping well with looking after everything on Hadar and visiting Keith at the same time.  Both Chris and I met them when they came to Chester and are a lovely couple and Keith was really helpful giving us plenty of advise when AmyJo's build was about to start.  

We have been following Jo's updates on Keith's progress and send them our prayers.  We would like wish Keith a speedy recovery and hope he makes a full recovery.

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nb AmyJo said...

A great keepsake aren't they and what great pictures on the covers, so glad you are pleased with the results, well worth it we think as we often refer to the previous years books for information. x

Sorry guys somehow managed to delete your comment.

They sure are, and so useful to show when people ask about AmyJo's build.