Wednesday 25 September 2013

AmyJo is starting to come to life

Hi all
Chris and I have just got back from Fernwoods and our second viewing of AmyJo's build.  To say we are over the moon with the fit out so far is an understatement!

In Keeping with Fernwoods superb workmanship AmyJo's interior is starting to take shape and looks amazing.  Chris and I just stood for a while taking in what we were seeing like two excited school kids on holiday.

Outside the paintwork on the cabin roof and cabin sides is pretty much finished.  The roof anti slip panels look great with the smooth lines radiating from them where the mushroom vents will sit.

Looking aft from the bows

Looking forward

The side panelling detail looks just as we imagined and gives life to AmyJo's hull, can't wait for the artwork to put the icing on the cake. Oh and we chose cream for the pin strip in the end.

Side door and panel detail port side

Starboard side door and panel detail

The overall view

Starboard side looking forweard

There is still a mass of joinery to go on board but much of it is made up and is waiting it first treatment. 

Gaint jigsaw puzzle

and there's more

The rudder stock paintwork, whilst simple, looks great in the same colours as AmyJo's cabin sides and panels

I just could not resist trying it out for size

Fernwood's Chris is starting to install some of the many fittings required in the engine room though there is still lots to do in there.  Even we do not know how this will look as we have given Fernwoods a free hand in there

Big Chris in a natty line of designer hi vis jacket
The rear toilet bulkheads are in place and the laminate from the wet room is repeated here

 The wet room ceiling is in place as are most of the laminate panels and the lighting plinths are also installed

Into the Day room and the settee/bed carcass is being fabricated whilst the side door inner window frame and panels are in place

The longer section slides out to make the bed

Next is the Galley and already the carcasses for the units are in place.  We've worked out there will be double the amount of worktop space in AmyJo's galley than there is at home. Not all the units are in yet but we could get a good feel for the space.
One of two Houdini hatches

Finally we come to the saloon and here we are so pleased with the result so far.  Its a bigger space than we thought we would have and we are so in love with it.  The TV cabinet is still to be made but we will have plenty of storage space and can easily lay a lilo down there as an adhoc bedroom if we have more guests on board.

Hifi cabinet on the left and hobbit on the right with coal drawer under

The chettee (as we call it cos its not a chair nor a settee) is given a trial run,
think Chris will be comfy on that when its finished

So that's the latest update so far.  I'll be returning on 10th October and at the rate the boys are going AmyJo will be much further on her fit out.  Oh and I hope to have some more news in a few weeks but lets just say it looks like we're going to be spending Christmas on AmyJo but not at Tattenhall Marina.


Jo Lodge said...

Wow, she is coming along. Once the fit out starts it comes along so quickly, so you can start to think of cruising on her soon :-). Great photographs on her progress. xx

Tom and Jan said...

Steve, it looks like it would a mortician more than a week to get the grin off your face! :-)

nb AmyJo said...

Thank you. Things are really starting to happen fast now and the journey is getting much more exciting each week.

The smile is still there and gets bigger every time I look at the photos.

Del and Al said...

Hi both, looks like AmyJo is coming along really well and you're going to have a really lovely boat :-)

Looking forward to seeing you on the cut at the end of the year! x

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Del and Al
Thank you for your lovely comment. Andy told us November launch is realistic so its Christmas on board for us and looking forward to meeting up with you on the cut soon.

We'll be staying in the Crick area until after Crick boat show so really hope our paths cross before we head for home.