Monday 12 August 2013

Bit of Retail Therapy

Hi all,
Chris and I started to look at our shopping list the other day and on Saturday we had a run out to Preston Brook to Midland chandlers to get a few items for AmyJo.

We want to cruise on the rivers at some point so AmyJo will have a set of Navigation lights installed.  We found Chromium ones similar to these and so bought Port, Starboard and stern lights

Not sure how often they will be used but we thought best have them should we do the rivers, one never knows.  

Whilst there we picked up a couple of Windlasses and some Folding roof steps as the cabin height is just a tad too tall for us both to easily climb onto if needed.

Whilst researching MIFI routers I came across a router that we can use with 3G and 4G just by replacing the SIM card.  The router I'm thinking of getting is a Proroute H685 4G LTE M2M Router

The router can take two external antenna, one for WIFI hotspots andi if none in range it uses the second to pick up the 3G signal.  I did not much like the look of the mag mount antenna so managed to source these which have a better gain and are more robust

After this Chris wanted to visit an upholsterers near Tattenhall to look at curtain material and discovered one she quite likes.  We'll be visiting Fernwoods in the next few weeks so will add this to the growing pile of samples Chris has acquired   I'm convinced she is going to make a patchwork quilt out of them at some point as there are so many.


Unknown said...

I have a proroute H685 4g, looking to upgrade the antenna, which one did you go with


nb AmyJo said...

Hi Robert,
The ones I went for are found here

They are about the size of the average Salt and Pepper pots and according to my sailing sources are pretty good. That still remains to be seen on AmyJo but we'll report back on their quality once she's in the cut. Either way they should be better than the supplied ones with the router

Unknown said...

Thanks for the information, I have ordered one.



Unknown said...

Hi, we have been using the antenna now for a couple of weeks. The signal strength does not seem much higher, but the reception id much better.