Sunday 26 May 2013

Hot and sunny Crick for a change

Chris and I have been enjoying the sunshine at Crick boat show this weekend. We've been going to Crick for 5 years now and the last two years it poured with rain.  This year we went armed with rain coats and jumpers but most unlike Crick, it was hot, the sky was clear blue so we walked around in t-shirts, and the coats and jumpers were left behind in the car
Wall to wall sunshine draws in the crowds
There were the usual companies present but a few well known ones were notably missing.

Fernwoods were present with the lovely Priscilla, a nicely laid out semi trad (sorry fella's Priscilla is a boat, a good looking one at that).  The purple and black colours looked stunning in the sunshine and her interior did not disappoint.

The grass bank starts to fill with those taking the weigh off their feet for a while
Just as we were about to leave yesterday we came across a pair of well known little doggies sporting natty Union Jack kerchiefs by the food stalls.  Bombo and Sam were taking a well earned rest while Paul and Elaine (Manly Ferry AKA Caxton) enjoyed the sunshine and a pint.  We were so intent on catching up on each others news I forgot to take a photo, ( I do apologise Bombo and Sam fans).  It was great meeting Paul and Elaine and lovely to see Bombo and Sam looking happy and content.  They are clearly enjoying this boating lark.

Today Chris and I returned to the Fernwood stand on the dot of 10am as we had arranged a viewing before it got busy but had already been beaten to the post by people keen to see inside so there was a lot of interest around Priscilla whilst Ken and Julia were busy as ever showing people around the boat.  We were then introduced to Tony and Sue who own The Old Masters, recently built by Fernwoods.  Tony and Sue have a super boat with all the usual quality of workmanship one is accustomed to with Fernwood boats.  Our thanks to  Tony and Sue for showing us around.  We chatted about their boat and our plans and before we knew it half the day had passed.  We said our thank you's and then hit the stalls at the show.  

Well by the end of the day we had our hands full of goodies so I think our bank manager is not going to be a happy bunny as we rather hammered the bank card somewhat.  I have to say we were a little extravagant and purchased a beautiful (and expensive) glass art piece made by a young lady who's studio is on her narrow boat  the floating pod.  Despite the cost we both fell in love with it and we simply could not resist.  I have to add this photo does not do it the justice it deserves.  The attention to the fine detail is not evident in this picture.

The work depicts snow on trees in a forest and is mostly grays, black and whites so fits in with our colour scheme beautifully.  Kate, the artist, was inspired by the recent snow in a woods near where she was moored at the time and is absolutely delighted the work is going on a narrow boat.  She informed us the three sections should be displayed as we see fit and is only mounted on the board this way for display and transportation purposes.  We have just the place for it in mind but you will have to wait and see where it ends up.  We did walk away with the intention of buying if it was still there later in the day but neither of us wanted the chance it would sell so we did and about turn and.....

At the end of a fantastic weekend Chris headed of south  to visit her mum and I have come home to finish painting the garage as it rained before I could finish it.  Not sure what would have been better....... visit mother-in-law.......... painting....... ummm difficult one.


Unknown said...

Love that glass work - stunning. Nice to follow your build. QISMA is almost 3 years old and we enjoy every day. #boatsthatblog

nb AmyJo said...

Thank you. The glass work was a bit extravagant I admit but it will look super on board when AmyJo is finished