Sunday 24 February 2013

We have a stern

Paid another visit to Alexander Boats on Saturday to have a look at progress on AmyJo.  It might look at first glance that not much has been done but looking closer one can see  an awful lot of work has been done as the counter and fuel tank are all fabricated and tested.

We can see the fuel tank and deck are almost complete and the drains for the engine hatch rails are in place as are the fuel supply and return pipes.  The hatch cover is made and will be hinged later.  The weed hatch is also in place with the lid and hold down bar being made as we type.

The counter scroll work almost finished an you can just see the engine hatch channel outlet just below the gunnel.

The smooth lines of the stern are apparent  and the rubbing bands are all fully welded into place.

There is still plenty to be done but all being well AmyJo should be shipping to Fernwoods by end of March if all goes well.

We hope to pay another visit before and work should be well on the way to a completed shell before long.

Its still strange to feel and touch AmyJo's steel and we both still cannot get used to the fact this is our boat and not someone else's.


Jo Lodge said...

Lovely to see she is coming on a treat. The dream is getting ever closer to being fulfilled. Jo xx

nb AmyJo said...

Thanks Jo. Getting quite exciting now. Still getting used to the fact that the shell is actually ours!