Friday 1 February 2013

New Windows

Hi all,
We are relieved the weather here in Chester has remained mild and fairly dry.  Since Monday we have had the window fitters in replacing all our windows and doors.

From this, plain and all white.....

and after this......

To this.
The new windows are definitely better and the house now feels much warmer.  Amy has a new door and so does the study

The new study door now means we don't have to disturb Amy to
get outside any more

Not as drafty and now Amy does not get seranaded by the wind
whistling through the gaps, she even had to turn the radiator down.
Now we can get on and decorate the rooms over the summer and give the outside a lick of paint too.  

Its all go again next week as the bathroom makeover is starting so we're looking forward to that.  Think we may be making frequent visits to the sailing club showers for a few weeks.

On the boat front we are going to visit Fernwoods on 12th Feb so may have some more news.  I'm also going to reschedule a visit to Alexander boats when I get a chance, in the mean time I have my hospital appointment tomorrow for my ultrasound on my Liver so hopefully we'll have some answers to why I'm still feeling drained and giddy when standing.

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