Thursday 15 March 2012

Kitchen finished at last

Its been a quiet week on the boat front so as the tiles for the kitchen arrived on Monday, I've been busy putting them up and painting the door frame.  At last the kitchen is finally finished.

So now the next project for the house is a new central heating boiler although this was not planned for.  That last cold spell we had saw the water pump pack up.  Fortunately we have the British Gas insurance so a new pump was fitted within 24 hours, but, the engineer advised they would no longer cover water parts as the boiler needed replacing and the system flushed, I do wonder how much of that is actually a sales pitch but as they will not cover the parts I guess we have no choice or face large repair bills in future.  So now we are in the process of getting in quotes for the boiler.  It is currently situated in the bathroom so we are going to take the opportunity to have it moved in the loft to create more space. 

For now we are looking forward to visiting Alexander boats to talk to Jim Sparks and are following the blogs to see how everyone is doing. 

I try not to post anything contentious or political if I can help it but this really struck a chord with me.  It shows that despite adversity it is possible to be compassionate no matter how bad things get.  I do hope it does not go against anyones views or cause any bad feeling, I just wanted to share this with those who want to read it.

Just read on the BBC news web site today about Abdul Hakim in Iraq.

I do hope he is rewarded in some way for his labours one day as he is helping those (on both sides) and that can only be good for peace no matter how fragile. 

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