Monday 23 January 2012

Plastered and going Green.

Hi all,
Its been a whilst since my last blog as its been all systems go with the new kitchen.  Since I last posted we have had all the electrics re done including the new consumer unit.
Electrician Carl tidies up all the wiring

Looks a mess but Carl did a great job

and the finnish job
 After that the walls were lined with plasterboard and skimmed We even had the floor levelled as it slopes by 1 inch front to back

And finally yours truely painted it all to her indoors' exact specifications

So now we're ready for the fitters to move in on Wednesday and start the fit out. 

Meantime we called Fernwoods and have arranged our first planning meeting on 14th February so hopefully I'll have something more boaty to talk about.  We'll also be placing the order and signing the contract as well.  Things are starting to come together at last.  As my old grandfather used to say things come to those who wait.  So now its head down to the details of AmyJo's plan and layout.

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