Thursday 5 January 2012

Kitchen Refit and a Broken Door Lock

Whilst waiting our turn to have AmyJo built we're taking the opportunity to have our kitchen refitted at the bungalow. 

"What has this got to do with the boat?" I hear you say.  Well actually quite a bit.  You see, our kitchen is quite small at 6feet by 8feet.  About the same size as the galley we hope to have in AmyJo in fact.  The idea being that we hope to learn from the new kitchen at home and incorporate what works well in AmyJo's galley.

So, with New Year out of the way, I set too and made a start last weekend and now the kitchen has gone from this

Before, old drab and falling apart

to this in one day
Note the old fuse box.  This will be replaced.

The plaster was falling off so was easy to remove

Next the old Lath and plaster ceiling is coming down this weekend and a new plasterboard one going up.  The sparky is coming on Monday to do the electrics and the plasterer the following weekend.  After that its up to the kitchen fitters.

And now for something completely different....

You know that old song "Oh dear what can the matter be two old dears got locked in the.... well we have re-written the words to it after an eventful evening tonight!

 Oh dear what can the matter be
Chris really did get locked in the lavatory
She was there from 5 until 6
Until Steve got her out by removing door.

Yes, yes, I know the last bit does not rhyme but yes it did happen and Chris was locked in for nearly an hour, heheh.  I had to remove the hinge pins to open the door.  So with no lock on the door until tomorrow we now have to sing while we go.

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