Monday 12 December 2011

Just down right Daylight Robbery

Hi All,
Sorry for not posting much lately only we've been very busy with the new home.  Now we're nearly sorted we started to look at getting our narrow galley kitchen put to right with a refit so we have been having various kitchen firms in to design and give quotes.   Once fitted we can see if it works and then as the kitchen will be about the same size on AmyJo we can improve the design on her to make it even better.

One problem to be solved is that the gas and electricity meters, together with the consumer unit for the electrics, are all housed in one of the 500mm wide cupboards taking up valuable storage space.  We made enquiries to the utilities companies with a view to getting them moved and got a shock.  First the gas meter will be relocated on the outside of the bungalow in an external box just 1 foot from its current location this will cost £360 inc VAT, a lot I hear you say and yes I agree but wait...theres more.

Next we move the electricity meter off the inside of the wall, eight inches too the outside of said wall in a box.  Now get this,  to do this the electricity company insist I dig a hole 1meter square to expose the incoming power cable.  I then have to go to one of their local depots and pick up the external wall box and then mount it on the wall myself.  They will then come and cut the cable and re joint it to the moved meter inside said cupboard then I have to get an electrician to connect up the meter to the consumer unit.  Having done half the work for them they want to charge me as staggering £670 inc VAT.  Now this has to be a new form of legalised robbery surely!  So for that princely sum I have to do half the donkey work, they come and join up a cable and swan off leaving me to do the rest.  Down right robbery as I see it!

Oh well seems we have no choice so must budget the cost in.  I did try to get the price reduced but was told its non negotiable.

Hope everyone is well with the hatches battened down for the coming winds.  Hope you all stay safe out there on the cut.

 until next time....bye for now

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