Monday 10 October 2011

In the box or the Skip?

Now we know we are definitely moving we have continued our packing and de-cluttering.  I am beginning to think Maffi (Click) may well have a good point when he posted about storage recently.  Seems the more you have the more you definitely squirrel away.  That's certainly true in our case!

We currently live in a reasonable sized 4 bed detached house and it is amazing just how much we have accumulated in the 11 years we have lived here.  Our clear out has not gone unnoticed neither, as our next door neighbour knocked on the door yesterday to say she had hired a skip and could not fill it up and would we like to throw our stuff in it.  Obviously we thanked her and in minutes the skip was full, however, I'm not sure whether her " you can throw your stuff in it" comment meant our unwanted rubbish or........

The double garage is taking on the appearance of one of those lockups those Americans bid on hoping to turn a profit.  There is not much room left and Chris got lost in there the other day as the way we stacked everything has created a little maze.  For a while she got disorientated and could not find her way out amongst the boxes.  The girls and I  were not too concerned really, we would have found her eventually as we loaded up the removal lorry :-)  Don't think she was too impressed when we told her that though when she eventually emerged.

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Lisa said...

This is all such good news, I shall keep my fingers crossed for it to continue.... De-cluttering makes you feel good (When its completed I mean) but the simple life onboard is what we all are looking for I think anyway, seeing what is the least you can survive with. I may have to eat my words soon though!! Hahahaha
I am sitting here looking at bathroom sinks just now, off to visit Ferney's soon, well when my husband can fit it in around the last maize harvest we will do!!!
Keep up the good work