Tuesday 26 April 2011

Mooring Sorted

Hi Everyone,
    What a few weeks we have had.  We've been up and down the M6 so many times we're beginning to know the M6 toll operatives by their first names now!  We went down to Chris's dads funeral the other weekend and everyone gave him a wonderful send off.   It was a lovely sunny day and with his many friends lining the crematorium avenue in guard of honour it was all really quite moving.   I admit a few blokes piped a few tears as well.... yes and me more than the others I'm afraid.  Roy might have been my father-in-law but he was also a good freind and I'll miss having our evening tots of scotch together
   That was a couple of weeks ago and we've had Chris's mum staying for a week so she could be with her family when she needs them most. That was until yesterday so now we are trying to get back to our daily routines and move on.  That in mind we are once again turning our attention on planning for AmyJo.  Yesterday whilst enjoying the last of the Bank holiday weekend and Chris away running her mum back home I popped into Tattenhall Marina and reserved us a mooring 

    For a modest deposit they will hold open a mooring for us as long as we need until AmyJo is eventually berthed there.  At least now we have a home for AmyJo once she is built.  That had been worrying me for some time now as many people have told me to be sure to get a mooring before your boat is built.  As you can see from the photo Tattenhall still has moorings available but they are filling up and 70' moorings are few here.  AmyJo will be 65' and as they tell us we have to have a 70' mooring we felt best to reserve one before they all go.  It's not cheap to moor there but security and the facilities are second to none so I'm happy with that for now.

   I have been thinking more about AmyJo's livery and with thanks to Chris and Stelle on "Belle" I've managed to acquire their spreadsheet (downloadable from their blog) and have started playing with it to get a feel for AmyJo's colour scheme in more detail.  My Chris and I have come up with two colour scheme choices we like but can't decide on which to go for.  If I get time this week I'll post them so you can have a look.  We'd really appreciate your views as to which looks better.

   We have also been looking at artwork  and have a few ideas for that too.  In fact I decided to use Microsft Onenote for now.  It's like an electronic Filofax but you can add pages, copy and paste, type text, add hyperlinks, link to files etc or anything you want in it.  It's a great tool for keeping everything in one place and it auto saves so you don't loose anything.

Well go to go as I'm supposed to be working.  Hope everyone is well and enjoyed the lovely Bank Holiday weather. 

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Jo Lodge said...

Glad to managed to find a mooring your happy with. We always tell people to find a mooring before buying or having a boat built, if you do not plan on being a continuous cruiser, it saves so much hassle.
As for the colour scheme I look forward to seeing what you come up with. My best advice is keep it simple, remember you will have to do touching up, so do not go for to many colours. Some colours fade quicker than others as well. So much to think about but good luck.