Wednesday 27 April 2011

AmyJo's Livery thoughts

Hi peeps,
    I promised to post our thoughts on AmyJo's livery and here are our two designs, both very similar, that we were thinking about.  The pictures have not turned out brilliant on the blog but clicking on them should open up a larger version that is clearer.  Those of you using Windows Internet explorer should also be able to use CTRL and + or - to zoom in and out if it helps.

The first colour scheme

Has Grey deck, side doors and roof , black sides with black panels and blue recessed panels piped in white with a blue roof handrail.  The detailing in the blue panels could look something like

Whilst the second very slightly differant scheme
Is virtually the same but with grey sides instead with Black panels piped in white.  The blue recessed panel detail would then look something like

Ignore the number 17 thats just there for a filler we might have something else there instead.  I have to confess I borrowed the blue from nbChance as it is a really nice shade and seems to go well with our overall design.  We've not decided the final font for the Name AmyJo just yet and are happy to leave that to the sign writer but would like that to be shadowed in the same blue as the blue panels something so looking something similar to

As I said both designs are very similar but we cannot make our minds up which we prefer and having not done anything like this before we would really appreciate your thoughts on them.  Are there any sort of do's and don'ts I should concider?  I notice most transoms are red and white, is my idea of blue and white OK or are they red and white for a reason?  We also cannot make our minds up about the bow artwork, we would like the name on there but not in the cream panel some have, we would also like some sort of design but see most boats have diamonds or circles, is there a reason for that?


nb chance said...

Hi Steve and Chris

How very clever, what you have done, looks great and very stylish in the black and grey, and of course the blue from "Chance!" Its so much fun designing a boat we have loved the experience and can't wait to get aboard, next week hopefully, looking forward to meeting you both on board at Crick. I'll get the wine chilled! x

Anonymous said...

You'll curse black paintwork when you are melting in the summer!

Jo Lodge said...

Hi Steve and Chris.

Both designs are nice, but I love the first one.

Good luck with whatever you decide and we look forward to seeing you out on the water.

Steve and Chris said...

Hi James and Doug
Thank you. We are really enjoying this design stage and although early days it's great fun looking at other boats for ideas.
Looking forward to meeting you both and Chance at Crick.

Steve and Chris said...

Hi Jo,
At the moment we can't decide but we have plenty of time so can think on it for now

Stve and Chris said...

Hi anomymous,
I agree thats why one reason we're looking at both options. I guess Grey sides and black panels would be less than all black so hopefully we won't cook too much if we went with that choice?