Friday 18 February 2011

Home Alone - not

Well another week has passed and once more the viewings have gone well, this time though one couple actually told our agent they would concider a second viewing when they sell their property, so we are clinging on to that for now.

Half term is now apon us and the kids in our area are off school, amazing how empty the roads become at rush hour when schools out!  Seems Mum and Dad's taxi's are out of service for the duration.   I'm not complaining though as it also means Chris is off work too, she works as a teaching assistant for the reception class of our local private school. 

Chris had planned to go south to visit her parents to see how Roy is getting on so I was going to be home alone but I've had the most awful headaches and hacking cough the last few days that has been met with "huh it's only man flue, go to work you wuss"......  Well now......guess who is tucked up in bed as I type this, coughing her heart out and complaining of a headache too?  Poor thing, guess it's not man flue then....  Seriously though I do feel for her and hope she gets better, I hate it when Chris suffers like that.

Things are looking up for our vist to Crick too,  we have had a nice comment from the owners of new build nb Chance (thank you James).  They let me know nb Chance will be on display by MGM boats at Crick so we'll look forward to meeting them while we are there.  So too will another couple who are having their boat built by Fernwoord so already we are getting to know people who will be on the cut when we eventually get there.  Chris and I wish them both well with their respective builds, they are so lucky to be near to realising their dreams.  We feel certain our day will eventually come, in the mean time I look at this picture and simply drift off......

Er sorry got a bit carried away  there for a second :-)    Keep well until the next time.

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