Friday 29 October 2010

A very expensive diversion on the way home

Having found out Chris's dad has bone cancer a few months back and with half term apon us we decided to go home to Essex for a few days to catch up with both Chris and my parents.  Chris's dad, Roy, is not in the best of health suffering extreme pain and is getting more frail as the days pass.   He is in good spirits and enjoyed listening too our plans for AmyJo.  It's even given him something to look forward too rather than thinking the worse.  It was good to see the family once more and catch up on old times andChris feels much happier having seen her mum and Dad.  I think she feels more re-assured Roy is as well as he can be for now.

Before leaving for Essex I had phoned Julia at Fernwood boats to go visit them.  So instead of coming straight home today we diverted our journey and spent the afternoon looking around the workshop and discussing our design ideas with Ken and Julia. One can see why their boats are such good quality as they are totally imersed in the business, even the guys working in the fabrication area you can see take great pride in what they do.   Three hours later, after touring the boats being worked on and chatting for a long time, Chris got out the cheque book and now we have booked our build slot!!!  So around May 2012 AmyJo looks likely to become a reality

Now, 6 hours later, sitting at home we still cannot get over the excitement and the fact we are actually going to own a narrow boat.  I don't want to wish my life away but I'll make an exception for the next 2 years!   All we have to do is sell our house, buy another and work out how AmyJo will look inside and out.  Looks like we're going to be busy for the next few years!

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