Monday 11 October 2010

From Sail boat to Narrow boat to Gravy boat

There are not many days these days we can settle down in the evening and say we really enjoyed today but yesterday was an exception.  You know the type of day, you get up after a lay in, the sun is shining and the whole day is spread out before you and what is planned is what YOU want to do not what other people have planned for you?  Yesterday (Sunday) was one such day for Chris and I.

From Sail boat. 
Our morning started like most of our Sundays with dinghy racing on the River Dee in Chester.  With the leaves on the trees turning gold and the sun beating down as if a summer's day the fleet was a larger one than usuall and looked resplendant in the Autum sun..  I was on duty running the rescue boat and Chris decided as conditions were perfect she would sail single handed in one of the club's RS Feva's.  4 Mini (20 minute) races were planed and a thoroughly great time was had.  Chris even did well finishing mid fleet.  Concidering she normally crews for me that was a great result.

To Narrow boat

Al and Del on Derwent6

Having met Del and Al in Derwent6 at Crick, Chris and I have been following their blog every day (see their link on the right of this text).  Del and Al have been a great inspiration for us in our quest to own a narrow boat and so when we found out they were heading towards our neck of the woods we simply could not resist paying them a visit, so, after giving them a call, we arranged to visit after the sailing was over.  We spent a wonderful time relaxing and enjoying their company in the afternoon in the cratch of Derwent6 with the sun shining down on us.    We loved listening to Del and Al's exploits and both offered us so much help and advise we are most indebted to them.  I have to say we could have stayed there much longer but we did not want to impose on them too much, and, we knew Al did not want to miss her strickly, LOL.  With a wonderful sunset we said our goodbyes with the promise to meet again and have a meal some where on their return trip.

To Gravy Boat.
Chris and I are privileged to have two great daughters and the youngest, Joanne, has met a young man (Tim) who just happens to be a fantastic cook (lucky Joanne!).  On our return home from Derwent6 we opened the door to the smells of a Roast Beef dinner about to be served.  We sat down to a gastronomic delight,  superbly favoured Beef laced with English Mustard with roasted vegetables and roast potatoes washed down with a lovely glass of red.  All this topped off with profiteroles and cream.  I think after that I'm gonna need a slightly wider narrow boat for me to fit in if we eat like that too often!!  Nice one Tim you can come round and cook again any time :-)

After all that we sat down in the recliners and contemplated what had been a wonderful day.  Thank you Del, Al and Derwent6 for making it a great one!  You guys are soooo lucky and we cannot wait to make AmyJo a reality now having spent time with you.


Lisa said...

I thought I would send greetings, I shall read your blog with interest as David (Husband) and I have also booked a slot with Fernwood, but it won't be completed until spring 2012. We were also at Crick this year, perhaps we'll meet next time, but in the meantime Happy Planning, its all consuming isn't it?

Steve said...

Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your interest in our Blog. Nice to hear from someone who is going to have Fernwood build their boat. Perhaps our paths will cross at Fernwood's or Crick sometime. Hope all goes well wiith you build.