Thursday 3 June 2010

To buy or not to buy that is the question?

We have been contemplating buying a narrow boat for a couple of years now. Our two daughters are in their twenties and are big enough and beautiful enough to look after themselves so what are we waiting for?

Well, like me my wife Chris, is as keen to buy one but making that final step worries her. We have to sell the family home and downsize to release the equity to finance the boat and it's that very fact give Chris the nerves.

Let's face it, it's a big desicion to make. Boats are not cheap and the property we will be buying is going to be a lot smaller than our current home so is it the wise choice?  I beleive so and listening to people like Del and Al on Derwent6 it's the best thing to do.  Del and Al are a great couple we met at Crick boatshow and own a fantastic Fernwood boat.  They are one of the happiest couples I have ever had the priviledge to meet and extremely proud of their boat (rightly so, it's a fantastic boat). They are already living our dream and have not looked back.  It was spending the morning with them on Derwent6 that made our minds up.

I may not post much at first but as we follow the path to ownership I'll try to keep you posted of our progress, I may also ask for your help and views making those important decisions on what to put in the boat and so on.

So far all we have is a name
so called after our two daughters Amy and Joanne. Other than that we have the desire and a preferred builder, Fernwood boats. So we'll take it from there.

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