Tuesday 15 June 2010

If only....

Not much is happening with AmyJo's progress at the moment  (to think of it nor will it for some time yet).  Chris and I have a much needed holiday coming up soon so thoughts of AmyJo are on hold for now.    I have started a scrap book which seems to be the usual thing to do, got an A3, 40 page, display book so everything we like and want can go into that.

I have though been mulling over about what external colour scheme we would have.  I discussed this with Chris and we quite like the light grey side, black panels and red piping look at the moment, very traditional though don't know how practical from a "keeping it good looking" point of view it is.  I want to avoid the hire boat red and green.  Not that there is anything wrong with that it's just I'm not a red and green person.  I have been involved in sailing for years and green is always seen as unlucky on a boat when going to sea.  I'm thinking something along the line like this tug's colour scheme:-

Have desided to ring Ken and Julia at Fernwood when we get back from holiday to arrange a visit  to their factory.  I'm going to put my thoughts so far to them to see what they think.  I'd also be interested to know what people think about hull builders too.

Who knows if I can get Chris to agree to it I might even take the cheque book with me.  When we last spoke to Julia their build slots were full to August next year.  By now that it is probably much later so we have time to downsize the house etc.

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