Friday 26 March 2021

Lockdown and Covid-19 Strikes



Tom and Jan said...

Hi Steve,

Great to hear you are on the mend. We have obviously been very lucky here in West Australia. The state is vast compared to the UK, which has been of some assistance, although the bulk of the population is concentrated in Perth. We have had 9 fatalities and a total 934 cases. Mostly citizens returning from overseas. Actually life here is normal whilst we wait for our jabs.

Jan and I have not forgotten our first meeting moored outside the Cheshire Cat. We wish you well with your recovery and trust you will be back aboard in the near future.

Tom & Jan
ex NB waiouru

nb Bonjour said...

Well you two have had a time of it haven't you! That's still a nasty cough Steve, take care of yourself! I hope Chris managed to escape it, or at least the worst effects. Good luck with your recovery, let's hope it's a full one and you are back to cruising as soon as poss! A small question - have you stopped written blogging completely? I ask because my laptop is a bit elderly and runs out of charge quite quickly (like us, really). Without solar/shore power we can't always charge it fully when we're out cruising - so if I want to know what fellow boaters are up to, and whether we should look out for them, I rely on the written word as it is much quicker than watching a vlog!
Best wishes,