Tuesday 7 July 2020

Free from Lockdown

Once again I have neglected the blog so more apologies are in order.  

We sat out the locked down for a further few weeks but then, gradually, the lock down lifted and we were able to move once more.

Chris, being furloughed now got the call saying she could return to work but we had a week in hand so, with restrictions lifted, we cruised to Nantwich for a few days

Moored at Nantwich aqueduct

On our return we stopped at Waverton for a week whilst Chris Jones did our annual full service on AmyJo's engine for us.  I can do general servicing on the engine but once a year I do like to have Chris check it over as he spots things I miss, like worn brushes on one of the alternators.

Chris checking the fuel filter

AmyJo's Bata 50 engine

Whilst the weather had settled and quite hot we also shut down our log burner for the summer as swept the flue which was surprisingly clean considering it had been in use for several months.

Not bad for a few months use

We were then joined by fellow boater and You tuber Captain Gray Phillips of Chugabug vlogs 

Gary on Chugabug

Gary joined us for a cruise first to Chester, and then, on new waters for Gary, to Ellesmere port.

Chester at night looking towards Cow lane bridge

Looking back at the Steam mill.
Having cruised to last leg to Ellesmere Port before we thought it would be very weedy and overgrown but were pleasantly surprised.  Clearly a low has been done to make the route much better, in fact, it is now a lovely route to cruise.  Many who come to Chester and miss this section are loosing out on a lovely cruise.

Pretty section of canal heading to Ellesemere port
 It was a shame the Museum was closed due to the Covid virus but we still enjoyed our stay there for  ne night before returning to Chester
Canal Museum and dusk

Enjoying the sun before the weather turned

Whilst there it appears we had a visit, unknown to us, by the local constabulary that caused a stir when it appeared on Facebook.  friends asking what we had done.   In fact it turned out it was our friend who is a community Police officer playing a prank on us.

Police protection at the port
 We then cruised back to our favorite pub the Shady Oak for its reopening on the 4th July.  It was so good to see Peter and Yvonne again and many boaters arrived to show their support, all socially distanced of course!


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