Friday 16 February 2018

Hello We're Back Online Again

We've been having a break from the blog for a few months as we are now back in the marina for the winter.  My apologies for that but nothing too interesting happens so filling regular posts is not easy.  Sadly this will be the norm each winter until Chris retires and by the sound of things this will not be any time soon.  She loves her job too much at the moment.

We had AmyJo out for her annual blacking when we got back to the marina mainly to check how the Keelblack blacking was fairing.  Unfortunately it did not fair at all well with none left at all on the water line.  To be honest it does seem to be no better than bitumen but I decided to give it one more try so we'll see how it lasted next time we're out.

In the New Year we, like most of the country, had a period of really cold weather and snowfall.  This was something new for Smudge and he loved to prance around in the snow, chasing after snowballs and wondering where they went when they landed.  He'd spent ages looking for them.  When back on board he found a good way to warm his paws and hogged the fire most of the time..

Warming up by the fire

Following the snowfall we had a couple of sunny, windless days so I took the opportunity to fly the drone and got these photos which I have to say I'm really pleased with.  The marina froze over for a few days and so a real winter wonderland scene surrounded us.

AmyJo frozen in on her mooring  She's there to the left of the jetty 

Over the ensuing weeks we hunkered down as one windy weather system after another blew across the country.  Life routine was just walk Smudge and stay in the warmth of AmyJo's cabin, only venturing out for supplies.  The little hobbit fire has done stirling service this winter!  I've had enough of winter now so bring on summer please!

A few weeks ago I was asked if I would help the boat sales broker on site move some boats, so between weather systems I single handed two boats, one at a time, from Orchard Marina on the Trent and Mersey back to the marina over a two week period.  It was bitter cold but I still enjoyed the break and being out on the cut again, and, as a bonus I got paid for doing what I love too!

One of two boats I transferred  Poor quality photo taken on my phone.
Now with spring on its way we're looking forward to getting out and about again so we'll have something interesting to blog about.  we have another Liverpool trip planned and hope to "Do" the Weaver again.  Before that though we have a much bigger ship to catch as Chris and I celebrate 40 years of marriage this year so have booked our first ever cruise to see the Northern lights in Norway in March.  I hope to post some updates when we get back.

So for now we hope your are staying warm and safe and hope see you othe cut sometime.

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