Tuesday 16 May 2017

Happy as a dog in s......

 We moved up the Shroppie to the Shady Oak Pub.  I had to move AmyJo whilst Chris was at work and so felt a sense of achievement for negotiating Iron lock single handed.  Iron lock is rare on the Shroppie as the sides are iron panels.  The drawback is C&RT are unable to fit ladders in the chamber so when single handing its necessary to rope the boat in and out of the lock. Auite hard going.

We spent a week on the mooring opposite the Shady Oak and as the weather finally set fair I manage to do a few touch up paint jobs much over due.  

The fine weather brought with it some stunning sunsets like this one

Glorious Sunset

On Wednesday it was time to move on again and so I pushed AmyJo across the cut to the pub jetty to fill with water as we were getting low.  I had Smudge on his lead tied to the bunny seats on the stern and as I stepped off to tie up Smudge tried to follow.  His lead being too short brought him up short and a dunking ensued.  Whilst the water filled I towelled him down and set him on the roof in the warm sun to dry off feeling sorry for himself.  I guess he's a real boat dog now.

Watering outside the pub in lovely warm sunshine

Smudge drying off after his swim, none the worse for his dunking.
A gentle cruise found us moored up outside Tattenhall Marina for a few nights.  I had a date on the first Saturday of the month as its Open Mike night in the bar and a chance to play the bass guitar and have a good old singalong.  

On the Sunday after we upped pins and moved AmyJo upstream on our fave mooring at Eggbridge in Waverton.  This mooring is a delight and has a very convenient car park right on the tow path.  Its a 7 day mooring here so we made the most of it.

By now high pressure was fully in charge and the Hobbit fire was allowed to go out and put into hibernation

Picturesque spot at eggbridge and calm water reflections
 The local duck population are a bit noisy here but by the looks of it they have been busy as numerous ducklings abound here.  Young mums with toddlers frequent here so the ducks are well catered for as far as feeding goes.

Just one of many families of ducks at Eggbridge
 When walking Smudge I generally let him off the lead on the country tow path walks nowadays as he has good recall.  Waverton is no exception so for a few days he was free to run and sniff around as we walked.  On one occasion, however, he shot through a small gap in a hedge into a field full of horses.  My fear was they would rear up or kick him but I need not have worried as they happily played with him whilst he ran amongst them, him chasing them and them chasing him but ignoring my calls for him to return.

When he did eventually return it was clear he was as happy as a dog in s.. literally!  Tail wagging, ten a dozen he was covered head to tail in horse muck and stunk to high heaven.  He was in the shower quicker than you can say Pew!  He is walked on the lead more now.

Not seen one of these before nor can we find out what breed it is.


Jenny said...

What a wonderful sunset photo, taken through the bridge. Just perfect!!

Robin and Jenny, Romany Rambler

nb Bonjour said...

Do be careful with Smudge, my neighbour's dog got into a field of sheep and only avoided being shot because he went to the farmer when called. My neighbour paid over £1000 for the miscarried lambs and general sheepy distress. The law is very clearly not on the dog's side!
Love the sunset photo too.

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Debby,
I agree, that was my fear too but luckily Smudge came back before any harm done so we got away with it this time. Lesson learned!

nb AmyJo said...

Thanks Jenny, the picture didn't do it justice really. It was truly stunning