Tuesday 8 November 2016

A Surprise passer by.

Now the cold weather has finally arrived we have been hunkered down in AmyJo with the little Hobbit stove working well to keep us warm and toasty.  Not much of interest is happening though we are watching the forecast as we want to have another local mini cruise before Christmas.  The next few days do not look good so we're waiting to see what happens tonight with snow forecast.

Young Smudge is coming along nicely and enjoys his puppy training classes, socialising with other dogs.  He has grown to the size of a Jack Russell and learns quickly. Alas he only does as he is told when not excited or distracted by people, birds, other dogs, rabbits, swaying grass, bits of wood, and scraps of paper, in fact, it does not take much to distract him and ignore our commands, but when he does comply, he does them well for a 4 month old puppy.  I have a feeling he will be a good dog when he calms down with age.

Although only 4 months Smudge knows his place in the family......on Chris's chair!

He and I have become best buddies and are getting into a regular routine of early morning walks and mid morning snoozes.  We particularly enjoy our mid day walk out of the marina and along the tow path.  Smudge enjoys his runs off lead and today was of particular interest as he met a very well known doggy and her equally well known owner cruising along the cut.

It was none other than blogger Maffi  (click) and his dog Molly.  Maffi is up this way to visit his daughter.  Smudge and Molly got to sniff noses briefly and then Molly retired inside Milly M.  

Maffi passing the marina entranced
 I sincerely apologise for the crap picture quality but I only had my Mobile phone to hand and a few minutes to get the photo before Maffi disappeared.  Must get into the habit of carrying my camera at all times!

We chatted briefly after I introduced myself then we went on our separate ways.  Maffi is in the area for a few days so we hope to have another catch up before he heads South again.  Good to finally meet you Maffi.

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Unknown said...

Maffi is moored outside the Shady Oak tonight. Are you busy?