Thursday 23 June 2016

Still Here

Hi All,
Sorry for the lack of posts lately but not much boaty stuff going on at the moment.  Still working to earn a crust until next Thursday then retirement at last!

We're still holed up in the marina for now but are getting AmyJo ship shape for our up coming summer cruise up the Macclesfield canal if C&RT manage to plug the leak at Bollington otherwise plan B may have to be adopted.

I've been measuring AmyJo for size to see if getting through Standedge tunnel is possible.  We'll have to clear the decks and put a bit of ballast up front but she should just squeeze through, just.

We did spend the day at the Middlewich festival and met up with the trading boats.  No photos I'm afraid  but we parted company with our cash on some cheeses from the cheese boat and one of Barry's (AreandAre) new mini beer making kits.  10ltrs of Indian IPA are now on the bubble :-).

We have decided to give AmyJo an Axiom propeller to see, if their claims are good, that it helps with maneuverability and saves fuel.  There's nowt wrong with the current one its just I have always wanted to try the Axiom.   

I ordered the prop after speaking with David at Axiom and the new prop is now on its way.  I'm now trying to get a quick lift out to fit it before we start the cruise but thats not proving as simple as it sounds.  Tattenhall has the facilities but seem to be delaying offing their services so we may have to book elsewhere to get it done in time.

Meantime this little family have discovered we have bird seed on board thanks to Chris offering them some.  They now arrive every evening squawking to get our attention to be fed.  Amazing how something so small can make so much racket.

Moorehen or Coot chicks?  Either way they were loving the bird seed Chris fed them.


nb Bonjour said...

Oh, retirement is great! My retired friend said I would wonder however I found time to go to work; I didn't beleive her at first but she's right! Hope we meet you both one of these days - we have had to delay our next trip for various reasons but hope to be out again soon, either South Oxford and Upper Thames or somewhere in the Midlands.
Best wishes

Herbie Neil said...

Chicks do look very similar to each other. But these are Coots, the parents have that distinctive white patch on their head, Moorhens are smaller and have a flash of red on their head.
Kath (nb Herbie)

nb Chance said...

Hi Steve, we dont think you would want to take a 67ft boat through the standedge tunnel, especially with the S bend in the middle, we are not even sure if you would be too long for their measurements. You certainly wont get throuugh the locks the other side as we had to go diagonally and we are only 58ft!! It was a great experience though and the most interesting tunnel we have ever experienced!! Luckily no damage with the help of an occasional bow thrust inside when it got very tight. Enjoy retirement we can highly recommend it!

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Debby
Next week can't come quick enough and my free time in the next few weeks is getting shorter as my retirement date gets closer :-)

Thanks for that. We thought they were Moorhens but were not 100% sure.

Doug & James,
Thanks for the heads up on that. I was working on the principal if HADAR at 70ft could get through then at 67ft we'd should be able to get through if we're low enough but, I'll take heed of your advice and check with the tunnel keepers first.