Wednesday 10 September 2014

Poor reception

Hi All
Sorry for the lack of posts recently.  For the last two weeks mobile phone reception for us has been diabolical to none, mostly the latter.  

Even as I type our internet connection is dropping out or barely maintaining connection with 1 bar.  Both Chris and my mobile phones are struggling to find a connection and mostly sit with 'No Service' outside AmyJo's cabin.  Even AmyJo's router SIM is struggling with her pepper pot antennas to get a signal. 

What is more annoying we are within yards of a mobile phone mast just across the cut.  This has been going on for the last too weeks.  Vodafone website showed a problem in our area but now shows its been fixed since 8th September and here we are two days on with still the same issue.

I am currently unable to post pictures so hence no posts.  Lets hope normal service resumes soon. :-(

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