Thursday 10 October 2013

Latest visit to Fernwoods

Hi Everyone

Just back from another visit to see how things are progressing on AmyJo today.  The journey there was interesting as the sun was bright and low making driving at 8am difficult at times.  Signs of Autumn were everywhere and those glorious gold colours were making their mark on the foliage everywhere you look.  I do so love these autumn colours in bright sunshine.

Chris had to work today so I had to make the visit on my own.  I arrived at Fernwood's at 11am and found AmyJo's transformation is still going apace.  There are no new pictures of her outside as she is covered up in sheeting while the other boat in the shed gets its cabin painted.

I apologise for the quality of the photos but I forgot to charge the camera battery and it decided to warn me it was low on power as I took the first pictures so the flash was not at full strength.

Starting with inside AmyJo at the back cabin, the Erberspacher heater has been installed and the calorifier was in progress of being fitted.  The small back toilet compartment now sports a cupboard and a sink

Ample room in front for the porta potti
Our bedroom was starting to take shape and all the wardrobe components were ready to be put together

In the wet room the towel rail was in place and we understand the flooring will be laid next week.

The day room had not changed much but the remaining units were now in place in the galley.

The essentials cupboard
In the saloon the rest of the panelling was going in giving a better idea of the finished look.  I must say it looks amazing.

Front entrance moulding

It was off the boat that was the most interesting and everywhere I looked parts for AmyJo could be found.  Most noticeable is AmyJo's heart, the Beta 50, has arrived and will be fitted into her next week

In the fitting workshop another surprise in the vanity unit for the wet room was getting its finishing touches

The front doors are complete and are waiting to be put aboard as is the day room table and radiators.

So that's about is for now.  We have another visit arranged for the 21st so Chris can go along and see for herself.  We're extremely happy with the way things are going and really enjoying this part of AmyJo's journey.

And the news I promised?  We do not yet have a launch date but its not far off.  As AmyJo's launch is looking to be in November we will not be able to cruise her home until next spring so we have managed to acquire a winter mooring for her near where she will be launched so Christmas is looking to be extra special for us this year. 


John R said...

Hi AmyJo,

As your new engine power plant has arrived and is ready for installation, I suggest that you record the numbers on the drive belts, fuel filters, oil filters, engine numbers. By noting the drive belt numbers and filter numbers, etc., then you can cross reference the numbers with another make/brand as to be sure that you have the correct fitting if you happen to be caught out without having spares on-board.
Just a suggestion.

nb AmyJo said...

Hi John
Good point. I'll do that when I get the chance. Thanks.