Saturday 8 December 2012

Welds apart

Took another trip to Alexander Boats to see how AmyJo is coming along.  Jim was in the middle of discussing another build with other clients so I held back until he finished.  

When you look at AmyJo you could be forgiven for thinking not much has been done but you would be wrong.

Um looks like metal spiders have taken up residence
Most noticeable was the stern sides had been wrapped and welded to the counter base plate and the engine bed had been installed.  The metal spider's web above are temporary braces to keep the shape until supports are complete

The starboard stern plate

Another rubbing band had also been tack welded into place and Craig was busy welding that up completely

Jim points out the welding that was taking place
The engine bed and, the water cooling tank, are now done
I understand the principal of welding but for me its welds worlds apart (excuse the pun) from what I do with computers so Jim explained how the process works.   I think I got this right.

The welding set is earthed or connected with a cable to the hull and a high voltage electric current is passed through the welding rod.  When the rod is moved close enough to the metal an arc jumps across from rod to hull completing a circuit melting the flux and welding rod at its tip.  The extreme heat generated from this melts the steel in the mediate vicinity in to a molten goo that fuses as the weld cools.  The flux stops oxidisation occurring during the weld.  This stops a coke build up weakening the joint.  The flux dries to a coke like crust which is then scraped or tapped away leaving a clean metal joint underneath.

Having watched through a welding mask to see the process up close I was fascinated to see the weld take shape.

As there was not a lot more to see I took some video and said my goodbyes.  We may get one more visit in before Christmas and Jim hopes to have completed the stern and made a start on the bows by then.  Anyway here is the video I took for interest.

The hissing and crackling you can hear is not a fault with the video, it's Craig welding the rubbing band on the port side at the stern and the fussy bright cloud at the end is actually  smoke from the weld.

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Jo Lodge said...

She is coming along nicely.
A very Happy Christmas to you bo thand all the very best for the New Year from Jo & Keith (Hadar) x