Monday 12 November 2012

At Last, AmyJo is born

A big day today and for us a major milestone.

I went to Alexander boats today and arrived just in time to see the steel arriving.  Jim was busy with the fork lift positioning one of the plates into place so I waited patiently not wanting to disturb him

And here she is.  The first two of AmyJo's three base plates.
The second plate is lowered into position

Each plate measures 8 meters by 2 meters
A few minutes later and the final third plates is positioned

Gently does it

Thats Jim in the distance
After the last plate was laid the full 67feet of AmyJo became apparent.  In the above photo I was standing taking the photo at what will be AmyJo's stern whilst Jim stood at her bows.  My thoughts were, my god she's long!  I'm not too worried I have handled a 68 foot boat whilst on holiday a few years back so am looking forward to seeing how AmyJo "swims" as the term for moving through the water is called.

The steel for the hull sides should be arriving on Wednesday and Jim has promised to mail me photos of his progress so I've started a Build page where I'll put them all.

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Lisa said...

Don't you worry about it being big, we had serious misgivings about "WaL" in the shed, but even I drive it now, when coaxed, I haven't parked it yet but maybe on a quiet day with no one else anywhere on the canal, I will have a bash....