Wednesday 15 August 2012

AmyJo grows 2 feet but will never walk.

Hi all,
We started the year with a drought and now Noah would feel perfectly at home because it absolutely threw it down with rain this afternoon.  To give you some idea how much rain we have had here we installed a new weather station at the sailing club at the beginning of June and it has a rain bucket to measure rainfall.  Here are the readings since it was installed

300mm of rain in since the beginning of June and 70mm this month alone.  

Some good news today we received the initial draft plans from Fernwoods for AmyJo.  The layout is basically the same as I posted previously but Julia was not happy with the space left in the saloon when the system set the measurements.  After a brief chat it was decided AmyJo should be stretched 2 feet to 67feet to make the saloon a better size.  I must admit I was worried about space there and by my calculations it would be tight.

I don't want to reveal the final layout just now as the plans are only in the initial phase.  Once they are finalised and we approve them we'll be in a better position to confirm the layout.



Bottle said...

Now you have gone to 67 you may as well go to 70 and have done with it.;-)

nb AmyJo said...

Hi Bottle,
We did think the same but then for every extra foot the more difficult it will be to find a mooring during peak season. Especially if boaters leave 20foot between them and the other boats as we have seen on many an occasion on busy moorings.

In addition Chris likes the idea of 65feet over 70feet. To be honest I think size worries her ;-)