Sunday 29 April 2012

Wet Wet Wet

Who would have thought we were in April and the on the doorstep of summer?  It's been raining heavily in Chester on and off for 4 solid days and this morning Chris and I battled the winds and rain in our sailing dinghy racing on the River Dee (we must be insane).  The river looked more like the estuary out by Liverpool with waves and gusts of wind racing along.  We recorded gusts of 35mph at times on the weather station in the clubhouse and we got cold and drenched in the process.  Needless to say we did not win but managed not to capsize and now ache like mad.

Some of our members were at Rutland water today and apparently the winds there were horrendous.   The owner of this Enterprise had a lucky escape and will have an expensive repair bill I should think.

Not a bow locker  lid but the deck itself that parted company with the hull.
This was caused by the immense pressure of the mast and sails pulling on the chain plate which tore up the deck.

In one of my previous posts I promised to upload the video we took of the Giants in Liverpool when I got chance and here it is.  Not as professional as the one on youtube but with some excellent close ups of the giants themselves

Liverpool Giant Girl

I like the fact the guys had to leap off the platform to make the uncles limbs move.  They must have been shattered after doing that all morning.

Anyway dinner beckons and there is a nice glass of wine to go with it so bye for now.  Stay dry and warm.  Hope you are not being battered too much in this awful weather.

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