Wednesday 8 February 2012

All bright and shiney

Hi all,
We have been reading the blogs of some of the boaters and Jo (Coalwoman) commented on the problems some are having getting water on her blog (Click).  Like Del and Al on Derwent6 (click) having to walk a third of a mile with containers.  I have to say in all the time we have been planning AmyJo and when and where we would cruise it's something we had not really thought about that much.  Jo's advice is something we will take to heart as we have yet to experience these hardships in cold weather.  I'm ashamed to say we have only cruised the canals in summer and have always been blessed with good weather.   That said we did have to helm the boat in a torrential down pour whilst on the Leeds Liverpool last year and found it added to our experience.  "You've experienced nothing yet, that's only for a short time we suffer it all the time" I hear some of you say, and yes I agree but we are truly looking forward to all extremes on the boat all the same, I guess that is what makes our dream all the more exciting for us at the moment. Its getting the experiences that has the magic for us.  We had some sense of what its like when our boiler packed up and we had no heating for two days of the coldest weather this year.  It makes one realise just how lucky we are warm and cosy in our house. So Chris and I do hope you are all OK on the cut and are keeping warm and do please take care.  We do think about you guys out there in this weather, honest.  We know you are coping well but we do worry about you all as although we have met very few of you we do value your experiences and hope to learn from them.

As I mentioned last post we are off to see Ken and Julia at Fernwoods on Tuesday and now have a copy of the contract we'll be signing to read.  We are really looking forward to the meeting and we hope to post the layout thoughts when we get back.

Meantime the Francis lamp we told you about has had a make over, been polished and handle painted Grey to match our colour scheme and we hope to pick it up on the way home Tuesday.  The seller sent us these photos of it and I have to say it's looking absolutely fantastic.

Here it is working.  Looks Great

While on the home front, apart from a few missing bits and peices the kitchen is at last nearly finished.  We cooked our first roast dinner since we moved in 2 months ago!  Absolute heaven :-)

Thats all for now as I've got a scotch to drink and that contract to read through.  Be safe out there.

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