Friday 20 May 2011

Roll on next weekend

Hi everyone,
Well its been a while since my last post.  Did not want to bore you with stuff of no interest as not much on the boating front has been going on. Chris and I have actually been very busy in the evenings the last few weeks so not had much time to blog.

This year is my first time as a qualified sailing instructor for our local sailing club, Chester Sailing and Canoeing Club ,   I've been out Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings teaching both adults and children the vagaries of sailing for the first time.  Chris is also getting involved as child welfare officer and we both find it hughly rewarding.  Last night one of my adult students sailed single handed on his own for the first time after only 3 lessons.  Seeing as this was my first student you can imaging my elation to see him handling the boat without any problems with a beaming smile on his face. 

When it come to the children it is really hard.  You have to have eyes in the back of your head and patience of jobe keeping 28 of the little darlings safe and occupied.  None the less they all have great fun and come back for more.  It really is great fun teaching them and the reward of seeing them sail is outstanding.

Chris and I are now turning our attention to Crick.  We simply cannot wait to get there and are really looking forward to meeting up with people there.  We really enjoy wondering around the boats and stands, it really fires us up with enthusiasm each time we go.  In the mean time we are still showing viewers around the house and are getting a steady stream of interest still so that is promising.  The girls, Amy and Jo, are a bit put out at the moment as they have to get up for a 10am viewing tomorrow.  Saturday is lay in day for them so they are not best happy about that but hay ho we reckon the inconvenience is going to be worth it :-)

So that's all for now, if you are at Crick hope to bump into you at some point, and if you are on the cut we hope the weather is staying good for you wherever you are, I can imagine after a hard winter being iced in and then blown about in the winds, summer is a god send.  I can appreciate people want summer to hurry up and arrive soon!  I know Chris and I do.

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