Saturday 13 November 2010

Early Start to Stourport-on-Severn

Chris and I had an early start today and hit the road for Stourport to visit Jim Sparks at Alexander Boats.  We left home in bright sunshine and had an excellent run down the A483 making good time to the workshop.  We arrived to find Jim hard at work finishing a 62ft Semi trad hull that was due to leave on Thursday.  By the looks of it he has a few late nights to put in to finish in time though the owners are not going to be disappointed she's beautifully made..

We spent a couple of hours with Jim while he showed us around the boat discussing various things like the type of bow we wanted, whether we wanted a bow truster and so on.  I asked about the recessed panelling he had done and that we would like one at the stern of AmyJo. 

I have to say were really impressed with the workmanship Jim and Craig are putting into the boat, so much so it's made us even more determined that AmyJo would be one of their boats.

You can tell Jim is proud of his work as he showed us photos of the builds he has done in the past but pride of place is this one on his office wall a customer had done for him (thats Jim on the Left)

You can't see from the photo very well but there is chain link fencing in the photo as the background and the smaller photos are held in place by it.  We looked for a long time trying to work out how it was done but could not work it out, an impressive work of art!

We could see Jim was busy so we said our goodbyes and headed home stopping off in the Hare and Hounds for a pub lunch.  Having Seen what Jim was doing we feel even more happier he is going to build AmyJo and look forward to working with him.


Anonymous said...

Good Choice of shell builder. You wont be disappointed no matter how experienced your fitter is without a good shell you cannot have a well found boat. The narrowboat in your picture at Jim's is ours nb "Wicked Game". We went to Kingsground for the fit out and are very pleased especially with the mechanical and electrical fittings. We have been on several Fernwood boats and their woodwork is excellent. You will have a great time designing your boat (some frustrations too). If you had all you wanted in a boat it would be 120 feet long. Im sure you have been told that there will be delays (and there will) but just go with them as best you can and most of all ENJOY the process as its almost as good as the boating itself

Best Wishes

Anne & Malcolm
nb "Wicked Game"

steve and Chris said...

Hi Anne & Malcolm,
Thanks for the comments it really helps to know we made the right choice. Wicked Game is beautifully made and Jim has done you proud. If AmyJo turns out as good we shall be highly delighted

Hope your fit out is going well and love to see the end result. We don't start our build until May 2012 but expect it to be later. Fernwood fitouts are outstanding but we know what they are like. Still the end result will be worth it.